New daycare

Two posts in two days, I think that’s a record for me lol

I couldn’t sleep last night. My brain won’t turn off and When I do fall sleep I have weird dreams that wake me up. Oh the joys of stress.

The girls are starting at a new daycare today. We had a play date there last week and it looks like it will be a good fit. She doesn’t seem like she is overwhelmed with all the stuff that goes with having the girls and she is super flexible. She’s fine with cloth diapers which is awesome, and she seems pretty laid back and a little bit crunchy; my kind of gal. Public health is coming in on Thursday to do seizure training with her so she can recognize them and know what to do if princess or buttons have a big one an hopefully we will have an aid to help out soon.

Princess needs to be kept awake half the night tonight, which of course means so do I so the little sleep last night is going to hit me hard when I’m trying to keep her awake at midnight and have to get up at 5:00am. Poor kid she loves her sleep so this is going to be interesting, I think I’ll pull the therapy trampoline into the livingroom so when she starts to get sleepy we can bounce it away.